Diabolica is not just a trumpet; it’s an instrument of passion, a vector of joy, and an unrivalled marketing tool. Designed for moments of celebration, our eco-friendly telescopic trumpet allows every supporter, every brand, to be heard clearly and distinctly.

Worldwide distribution

The Diabolica is an innovation in the world of sustain instruments. Made in Europe from high-quality materials, it is designed to last and to be used effortlessly, capable of producing a powerful sound of up to 98 decibels. Its telescopic design makes it easy to transport, perfect for any event, large or small.


No gas is used, it is entirely manual and runs on air.


Adaptable to your brand, nation or event.


Simply breathes, effortlessly.


The Diabolica offers unprecedented customisation possibilities, enabling companies to turn this instrument into a powerful marketing and branding tool. Whether it’s for a specific event, such as a corporate gift, or for an advertising campaign, the Diabolica can be tailored to your needs.


Available in a wide range of colours to match the visual identity of your brand or team.


Your company or event logo can be pad printed in one colour for exceptional visibility.


Logo printing

  • Specifications: Your logo can be printed in 1 colour, on a maximum surface area of 6×2 cm, strategically positioned on the trumpet (large part) for optimum visibility.
  • Process: We use a high-precision pad printing technique to guarantee the quality and durability of the print.

Production lead times

Speed and efficiency: Our production times vary between 7 and 15 working days, depending on the quantities ordered, so you can be sure of rapid delivery for all your events.


Global reach: We offer worldwide delivery, allowing you to share the spirit of your brand or team on an international scale.

Dimensions and transport

  • Compact and practical: the Diabolica measures 5.5×14 cm when closed, and extends to 5.5×25 cm when open.
  • Optimised logistics: each box contains 200 Diabolica, measuring 60x40x20 cm and weighing 7 kg. We can load up to 32 boxes per Euro pallet, making transport and distribution easier.

Colours and combinations

  • Colour Palette: Choose from a wide range of bright, eye-catching colours to perfectly match the visual identity of your brand or team.
  • Visual combinations: Use our visualisation tool to explore the different possible colour combinations, making each Diabolica unique and personalised. (Insert graphic visuals of available colours and examples of colour combinations here).

For Professionals

We understand the unique needs of professionals looking to import the Diabolica for distribution, or to use it as a promotional item. Our team is ready to guide you through the process of personalisation, bulk ordering and logistics to ensure smooth and efficient distribution in your country or to your points of sale.

Supermarkets and chain shops

The Diabolica, with its universal appeal, is the perfect product for increasing in-store traffic and offering your customers a unique shopping experience.

Promotional item/gift

Reinforce your brand image by offering a personalised Diabolica at events, trade fairs or as a corporate gift.

Why choose Diabolica?

Choosing Diabolica means opting for an innovative product, an original communication medium and an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Our commitment to quality, durability and customer satisfaction makes Diabolica the ideal choice for professionals looking for a unique and memorable product.